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OM-TOY is the demonstrator aircraft of Release Aircraft Solutions, the exclusive UK & Irish sales
agent and is ready to fly away today for €149,950 (plus Irish VAT if applicable).

Dry Lease (No Fuel) - €140 per hour including maintenance. No Insurance, 16L/Hour. 16L @ €2.17 on
average (Doesn’t take Avgas).

Given the cost of AvGas in a standard Cessna 172 is roughly €114 per hour, versus just €37 per hour
for EN228 Unleaded approved for the SD4, any school that wants to make money and thrive in 2022
must look at its options. A standard legacy Cessna 172 will attract annual maintenance costs in the
region of €8,000 - €12,000 per year, but the SD4 will run for a fraction of that. If you took a busy

Saturday as a relatable example, the aircraft will bring in €1,680 in 7 hours of flying and burn just
€262 of fuel.


The performance is only beaten by its handling characteristics. Novice pilots will instantly be at ease.
It feels like a real-life Microsoft Flight Simulator with the glass cockpit, stunning visibility and the
aircraft tracking the horizon like it’s on rails. Old hands will need about 15 minutes in the aircraft
before finally conceding that things have changed in flight training, and changed for the better. The
engine note is constant, the engine parameters are colour-coded numbers on the MFD display, and
the fact that it’s a rotax-powered aircraft never crosses your mind as the 3-blade propeller is only
turning at 2600rpm even at full power. Quick and instinctive take-offs happen in about 250m on
grass, followed by a 900fpm climb at Max Weight and a 100-knot cruise burning 17L per hour. The
range at a comfortable 4500rpm is roughly 460nm staying aloft for 5.5hrs with a 30 min reserve.


Pilots can follow highways in the sky depicted as magenta boxes en route, see their Angle of Attack
in all phases of flight and marvel at how any deviation from the norm becomes a colour-coded alert.
As you would expect the aircraft has 8.33Khz and Mode S equipment fitted. The safety factor of the
GRS 600 Ballistic Parachute and 406Mhz ELT is hard to overstate. As part of the CS-VLA approval
process, the SD4 has demonstrated spin recovery unlike other aircraft at similar price points. Going
flying in a Cessna 172 or PA28 that has been to the moon and back simply doesn’t feel like it’s worth
€240 per hour. Going flying in the SD4 feels like you’ve had an experience in something special.

Time State

  • Dec 2021 Build Date

  • Painted White ready for your Club/Schools colours to be applied

  • 100hrs TT (Expect 150hrs as aircraft is in constant use)

  • ROTAX 912S2 100HP Engine

  • Neuform CR 3-65 3 Blade Propeller

  •  Avionics

  • 2X Dynon Skyview 10“ PFD/MFD Screens

  • Backup Certified ASI, ALT & COMPASS

  • FUNKE ATR 8.33Khz Com

  • FUNKE TRT 800S Mode S Transponder

  • Dynon GPS Mode

  • ACK 406Mhz ELT

  • Dual Intercom

Super Features

  • Carb Heat Airbox

  • Electric Backup Fuel Pump

  • Fuel Flow Indicator

  • 100L Fuel Tanks Capacity w/Lockable Caps

  • Cabin Heating

  • Cabin Ventilation System

  • 12V/USB Outlet

  • Schrott 4 Point Seat Belts

  • Cargo Area Blinds

  • Sabbia Interior & Seats

  • 3x Wheel Spats

  • Side Steps for Entry

  • GRS Galaxy 600 Ballistic Parachute

  • Nav Lights

  • Landing Lights

  • Strobe Lights

  • Adjustable Rudder Pedals

  • Electric 3 position Flaps

  • Electric Aileron Trim w/MFD Indicator

  • Electric Elevator Trim w/ MFD Indicator

Price €149,950 + VAT

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